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Green Certification for Fusion Essentials

Updated: May 14

On March 29th, my small business, Fusion Essentials, became Green Certified by the City of Carlsbad and California's Green Business Network.

As a Green Certified small business, I have access to programs offered through the Green Business Network. I'm able to network with other green certified small businesses. I'm given recognition for implementing sustainability within my business model.

On April 16th, I'll be going to the City of Carlsbad's Proclamation Ceremony for small businesses that have recently been certified. The mayor of Carlsbad, Keith Blackburn, will be presenting me with the Green Certificate. Joshua Hoaglund and our daughter Mayari will be attending. On May 16th, I'll be attending a Small Business Mixer sponsored by Environmental Innovations for vendors who are green certified. So excited to network with like-minded folks.

I'm very grateful to Senior Sustainability Consultant, Sandrine Cassidy of Environmental Innovations, who helped me through the entire process. She was thorough and always followed up with me if I needed to address minor issues within my at-home business model.

If you'd like more information about the process of Green Certification for your business, check out your city's Chamber of Commerce or Sustainability Program. It will make you feel proud on how you run your business.

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1 Comment

Eve Webb
Eve Webb
Apr 17

Congratulations Rise. I love your products and will continue to use them. Best wishes.

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